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quality and efficiency for the grossing room

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Automated Compressive Filtration, via AdiPress, separates all lymph nodes present in pericolic fat, making Census Level Nodal Assessment possible – which increases quality, reduces sample error, and enables more accurate staging.

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AdiPress accelerates the specimen processing timeline by speeding up dissections and eliminating “back to the bucket” – ensuring turnaround and ROI.

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With AdiPress handling lymph node dissections, lab staff are able to handle a larger volume of samples efficiently within acceptable turnaround times – empowering them to make the best decisions when it comes to patient care.

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Breakthrough Technology

Meet AdiPress

AdiPress uses our proprietary Automated Compressive Filtration process to precisely compress any fatty specimen to remove a filtrate of liquid fatty fluid, creating a lymph node-rich tissue sample, arranged in square sections using the LymFilter for further processing. AdiPress is an automated dissection tool that empowers lab staff in cases where lymph nodes need to be isolated from adipose tissue.


Automated Compressive Filtration separates Lymph Nodes from adipose


Eliminate “back to the bucket” and deliver same-day turnaround time


Easy to use, even with a glove on. Easy to clean, too


Value for the Pathology Lab and The Patient

Automation and AI are inevitable in the field of Pathology as we look for ways to make our work more streamlined, consistent and efficient. It has been a pleasure to work with the FormaPath team because they are extremely receptive to feedback from people who are in the field doing the work. They have a creative and smart team that is always working to improve their technology... AdiPress will be a game changer when it comes to helping Resident Physicians and Pathologists' Assistant save time on their lymph node dissections and make it more predictable of how much time we spend on this extremely time-variable task. Additionally, I think it provides a comfort to surgeons and patients that all of their lymph nodes for staging were found in order to come up with the best possible plan for the next steps in a patient's cancer treatment.
Hilary Haefner, PA ASCP CM
AdiPress has helped streamline grossing. There is no doubt left when it comes to lymph node counts with each resection specimen.
Elias Makhoul, DO FCAP

LymFilters generate consistent, high-quality blocks.


Predictable block count based on the format of LymFilters


Single-use container snaps together in seconds


Designed for AdiPress

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Our Team

Over 90 Years of Combined Experience

Our team comprises medical veterans and product experts with deep industry experience. Led by a shared goal of improving patient care, we work passionately to develop and commercialize state-of-the-art tools for tissue labs – ushering in a new future of pathology.