About FormaPath

Revolutionizing The Future Of Pathology

FormaPath’s leadership comprises medical professionals and product experts passionate about developing the most innovative automation tools for tissue labs that streamline workflows and enhance diagnosis.

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Our mission

FormaPath is on a mission to develop and commercialize tools for tissue labs that improve turnaround time, sample quality, and consistency through automation.

When treatment teams are equipped with comprehensive, accurate staging data, they’re better positioned to help patients on their journey and, ultimately, improve patient care for all.

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Leslie Alexander



Meet Our Team

Our team comprises medical veterans and product experts with deep industry experience. Led by a shared goal of improving patient care, we work passionately to develop and commercialize state-of-the-art tools for tissue labs – ushering in a new future of pathology.
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Ted Snelgrove
Ted is a diagnostics veteran with deep experience in oncology, reproductive medicine and value based pricing
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Alex Bodell
Alex founded FormaPath to advance patient care through improved handling of tissue with innovative hardware and software design.
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Zahra Badey
Zahra is an executive and technology leader, supporting the FormaPath team on multiple fronts including growth, strategy, product, and software engineering.
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Michael Dugan, MD
Chief Medical Advisor
Dr. Michael Dugan is a board-certified pathologist, laboratory director and biotech executive leading our clinical development related to novel diagnostic products.
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Ian Perkins
Director of Mechanical Engineering
Ian provides leadership, oversees project management, and contributes to product design activities, including the manufacturing of our world-class pathology instruments
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Katie Brandegee
Director of Robotics Engineering
Katie specializes in integrating hardware, electronics, software, and robotics systems.
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Gary Grossman
SVP, Sales
Gary is an experienced Senior Executive with a demonstrated history of success working in the pharmaceutical industry and building winning teams.
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Phil Lonsdale
Commercial Strategy
Phil is an executive with experience leading teams and managing projects in start-ups and scale-ups on three continents.
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Kristen Modzelewski
Kristen has deep experience in analytics and operations, having led teams in category-leading organizations.
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Nathan Olson
Nathan is a robotics engineer working in Hood River, Oregon. His previous work includes controls and computer vision for UAVs, prosthetic ankles, aerial imaging systems, and underwater robots.
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Kameron Chan
Mechanical Engineering
Kam is experienced in working with start-ups, and guiding teams and products through phases of rapid growth. He is passionate about using novel robotics technologies to solve challenging problems.
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James Garbagnati
Software Engineering
James is a software engineer specializing in user interface design. He has experience at start-ups and enjoys solving challenging problems.